berita baik..berita baik..berita baik..

kedai cikLUNA berBESARhati tuk adakan SALES pd stiap 2hb pd stiap bulan.. diskaun 15% akan dberikan kepada mommies/daddies yang m'order & mbuat bayaran dlm tempoh 24JAM shj. . & pd 2JUNE , akan diadakan MEGASALES dengan diskaun hingga 25% . & pd 2NOVEMBER pl akan diadakan MEGAMEGASALES hingga 35% . & 50% diskaun pd hri BIGMEGSALES pd 14MARH .. . wow jangan ketinggalan yea.heeheheee... ops belom habis lgi.. 26January kedai cikLUNA nak belanje POSLAJU t&c *harus order & buat bayaran dlm mase 24JAM. (so xble booking awal2 ye mommies/daddies/aunties/uncles) **ops,SALES ni tidak termasuk utk item2 yg dlm kategori clearance stok - PriceCut - Special Sale - Lelong, dan yg swaktu dgnnye..sbb item2 ini sda dpotong harganya!

member akan dapat spesel diskaun.

tanpa kalian, siapa la Rombengan cikLuna.

kepada kawan2 (pelanggan2) Elle yang dulunye follow (membeli) kat amat2lah dhargai follow blog ini pl,harap terus membeli/mnyokong Elle d sini pula ye.
Maaf atas ksulitan, terpakse utk mCeraikan blogshop & blogPersonal atas sebab2 kesesakan

kami jual baju, tapi bukan blogshop ini.

yang mana satu?

sudah mendaftar ini tutorialnye.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mom & Tots All in 2 Potty Pant

Design/Colors Available;
Oceania, Soothing Lavender, Crunchy Apple, Football Mania, Butterfly Dreams, Pinky Dot and Purple Galaxy.

Size 1:
Waist 36-46cm, Rise Max 48cm, Tight 25-34cm
& anggaran umur tuk 10m-2y

Size 2:
Waist 40-59cm, Rise Max 54cm, Tight 30-40cm
& anggaram umur tuk 3y-5y

All in Two (AI2) Potty Pants

Moms & Tots redefines trainer pants by designing AI2 Trainer Pants that works round the clock, day and night. Moms & Tots trainer pants inner layer are 100% organic bamboo terry cushioned by a layer of super absorbent microfiber, are worn as day time toilet training toddlers. The pants are easily converted into nap time and night time diaper by stuffing soakers/inserts into the pocket according to the child's needs.

We are using bamboo terry this round as bamboo is known for its beneficial qualities:

Natural Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Hypoallergenic
Fast drying and superb absorption quality
Soft and natural texture
Eco-friendly product
Excellent ventilation quality to keep wearer cool and comfortable

This superb quality pants is a wonderful welcome to your little one into the world of potty training and comes in printed and attractive plain colors.

Distinct features:

  • Inner lining of organic bamboo terry with sewn in one layer of super absorbent microfiber and soft polyester PUL (2 million) waterproof cover is suitable for day time wearing for toddler to feel the wetness while minimizing cleaning up.
  • Elastic band pocket is designed to stuff soakers or boosters for nap time and bedtime.
  • It encourages using because it is less bulky and feeling more like underwear.
  • It dries faster and saves money as need not buy too many for day to day wear.
  • 3 adjustable waist snaps on both sides for great fitting and easy clean up as well especially during poo- poo accident.
  • High cut design to look more like underwear and accommodate for chunky thigh toddlers.
  • Good quality elastic bands that lasts and easy for toddlers to pull up and down.

Be sure to measure your child to ensure getting the proper size - and due to the unique "hip snapping" design, please follow the directions for measuring so you get the right measurements.

Directions for measuring your child:

Measure around the waist at the level of just 1 inch below the belly button.

Measure starting at the top of the leg at the hip - where the leg bends - then around through the crotch and back up to the top of the thigh.

Measure from 1 inch below the belly button down through the crotch and up to the waist parallel from your starting level. (It is recommended to measure the rise over a stuffed diaper if you plan to use it as nighttime diaper).

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harus klik OLDER POST ye, banyak lagi baju2 yg masih available!
terima kasih :').

berminat berniaga online/offline dengan modal minima?
atau ingin dress-up anak2? bundle,tpakai tapi tetap bergaya.

kami mjual bundle loose.
1kotak - jeans - RM80/16helai.
1kotak - romper/overall/dress/t-shirt - RM80/20helai.

amat berbaloi bukan?dbawah ini dsertakan sample pakaian bundle.

Bundle Jeans (gambar: sample)

Bundle Jeans (gambar: sample)

Bundle Campur2

Bundle Campur2

Sample Dress/ Overall

Sample Dress/ Overall